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The Time is NOW!

How long have you said that you're going to write a book, become a blogger or a spoken word artist?

You know you have the gift within but, for some reason, you just can't stick with it.

Are you tired of leaving MONEY on the table?

Make 2019 YOUR year to get it done and stop playing small!

Join Our Writers Academy Accountability Group

CAUTION: We don't want you to just be a writer, we want you to make an IMPACT & be PROFITABLE!

As a member, you will receive:

  • FREE entry to our monthly mastermind LIVE event
  • A private Facebook group
  • Weekly Q&A sessions from industry experts
  • Tips, tricks and tools to help make writing easy
  • Discounts on author services such as editing, ghostwriting and future events

Best of all, and you can ask my clients, I LOVE to PROMOTE You! So as you do your work as a member, don't be surprised if you might be asked to join me at other events to share your platform or current work.

Are you serious about monetizing your gifts and purpose? Let's go!